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How Much Will Your Life Improve Once You Have a full gead of beautiful Hair Again?

WISH CLINICS provide peace of mind with the best hair transplant procedures preformed by medical experts in Istanbul or Mexico.

A Natural looking full head of hair

The most advanced techniques that took over the world: FUE & DHI

Full package including hotel accommodation at your preferred location: Turkey or Mexico

Painless procedure with the shortest recovery period

So How Will Your New Life Look With Full, Natural Hair?

Did you ever stop to imagine that day? How would it feel to look in the mirror and see yourself with full, natural lush hair? How good will it be to look young again and love what you see in the mirror?
Have you ever thought about the day when you will no longer feel embarrassed when people look at you from a higher position, when you stop spending so much time trying to design your hairstyle in a way that covers your thinning hair or receding hairline?

With WISH CLINICS you can turn this DREAM into REALITY.

They, too, WERE Sceptical


You Came to the RIGHT PLACE

Hair restoration procedures in Istanbul or Mexico, performed by top experts with the most advanced and successful techniques (FUE & DHI) for full, natural-looking hair in a short period of time, by top experts.

Happy wishes HAPPY LIFE

Jacob Schwarts
Robert Petibouro
Robert Petibouro
Robert Petibouro

Marty Mcguiness

My experience with WISH CLINICS has been incredible!! Everything - from my first phone call inquiring about their free consultation to my post-procedure follow- up, this company displayed outstanding professionalism. They are an exceptional team of very knowledgeable and truly skilled individuals that care about their clients.

Marco Sykes

I struggled so much with my hair and self-confidence. WISH CLINICS treated me so well and I am so happy with the results, I could not recommend them enough

Mason Parker

I had been considering a hairline transplant for many years and recently I traveled to Turkey to get it done. From start to finish "wish clinics" have been excellent in terms of advice. The staff has been extremely supportive which has been helpful. During my time in Turkey, "wish" was constantly in touch ensuring everything went smoothly.

Nick Gorge

From the first consultation, all the staff has been great with me and answered any questions I had. I chose the right clinic 100%. Would recommend it to anyone.

Andy Roberts

Great experience, the staff is very friendly and professional. I walked through the entire experience with all the support from the staff. Jonathan was my representative and basically held my hand through the entire experience.




If there is any risk of the procedure not succeeding - WE WILL NOT PERFORM THE TRANSPLANT!




Why is it important to undergo the procedure AS SOON AS POSSIBLE?

In the transplantation process, the ideal process is to take healthy hairs and “replicate” them. People who suffer from baldness or thinning of hair also suffer from gradual loss of healthy hair, thus the potential success rate of the procedure decreases as time passes.
Only someone who has already gone through a hair transplant treatment will understand this feeling. They know that any doubts were unnecessary, and that every minute spent on not loving yourself and suffering low self-esteem, is time that could’ve been spent so much better.


Step 1

Pre-Suregery advisory and preperation

Step 2

4-5 Stars hotel
for your convenience

Step 3

Carpool Service
throughout the procedure

Step 4

Check at our cliniq

Step 5

Undergo Surgery

Step 6

One day rest after
the surgery

Step 7

Back Home

Soon Enough, This Could Be YOU



With over 96% success rate and thousands of procedures done, you can be certain you have come to the right place!


Personal, close digital guidance and high availability throughout the entire process and beyond

The Natural Look

A natural look suited perfectly to your facial structure

WHO Would BENEFIT From A Hair Transplant?

Generally speaking – anyone who undergoes a hair transplant (men and women of all ethnicities) can significantly improve their appearance and self-esteem!

The best candidates for a hair transplant include:

  • Men with male pattern baldness
  • Women with thinning hair
  • Anyone who has lost some hair from a burn or scalp injury

Hair transplant isn't the best option for:

  • Women with a pattern of hair loss throughout the entire scalp
  • People who don't have enough "donor" hair sites from which to remove healthy hair for transplant treatment
  • People with thick scar tissue from an injury or surgery
  • People whose hair loss is caused due to taking medication or treatment such as chemotherapy or other severe health issues